What Are Some Tips for Stretching Leather?


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Looking at worn leather coats to locate the areas of greatest wear and wearing the coat in rainy weather are two tips for stretching a leather coat. Although washing a leather coat in a washing machine accomplishes effective stretching, the machine shrinks the coat.

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What Are Some Tips for Stretching Leather?
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A tip to maximize the rain's effectiveness for stretching a leather coat is doing push-ups while waiting for the wet coat to dry. An alternative to wearing a coat in rain is lightly spraying the coat with water, making sure to not over-soak it.

Another tip for stretching a leather coat is pre-conditioning it. This is done by rubbing a small amount of good-quality conditioner onto a coat using a cloth, placing focus on the areas of greatest wear. The conditioner should be left in for a few days before wearing or wetting the coat to stretch it further. An alternative way to wet a leather coat is to soak it in a water for 15 minutes and lightly squeeze it. The coat can be dried with a towel or heated with a blow drier, which stretches the leather even more.

Another tip to stretch a leather coat is to use a rough material, such as steel wool, to scratch the surface of the leather. However, this technique must be done slowly over time to prevent damage. Leather stretches naturally with wear, so it is important to regularly wear the coat, which creates unique stretching that conforms to the shape of the person wearing it.

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