What Are Some Tips for Shopping When It's Five Degrees Below Zero Outside?

When temperatures drop to negative numbers, skin requires special preparation to endure the cold, including additional moisturizing. Switching to an oil-based moisturizer instead of a water-based one helps the skin to retain more moisture. Shoppers should look for non-clogging oils, such as avocado or mineral oil.

While moisturizers are good for the face, the skin on the hands and feet also benefits from their use. The same type of moisturizer used on the face benefits the hands. For the feet, a petroleum jelly or a glycerin-based moisturizer provides the best protection.

Sunscreens are just as necessary in the cold as in the sun. When the sun bounces off the snow, its effects intensify. For best results, shoppers should apply sunscreen at least half an hour before leaving the house. For a full day of shopping, they should reapply sunscreen frequently.

Wearing gloves, socks and sturdy shoes is necessary for a long day shopping in extreme cold. While wool gloves and socks provide insulation, they are also irritating. A thin pair of cotton gloves or socks underneath protects the skin from irritation. If the hands or feet are wet, the shopper needs to change them for fresh ones. Wet gloves and socks irritate the skin underneath. If there is snow on the ground, boots provide the best protection for the feet.