What Are Some Tips for Shaping Your Eyebrows?


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Use a pencil as a guide for the ideal eyebrow shape. To begin, hold the pencil straight up along the outer edge of the nose, in line with the tear duct, to identify the eyebrow's starting point. From the starting position, angle the pencil across the iris to find the ideal eyebrow arch. Continue angling the pencil toward the outer corner of the eye. About 45 degrees from this spot is where the eyebrow tapers off.

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Use a quality eyebrow pencil in a shade slightly lighter than natural. Gently mark the three main guide points at the start, arch and end of each eyebrow. Connect the guide points with the eyebrow pencil, and lightly trace the desired eyebrow shape. Using quality slanted tweezers, pluck the hairs that fall beyond this shape.

Next, use a brow brush to coax hairs up and create volume. Use small scissors to snip overly long or stray hairs. Fill in empty-looking areas with short pencil strokes for a natural look. If desired, lightly dust finished eyebrows with translucent powder for extra setting power.

As of 2015, full eyebrows are in fashion. Naturally thick eyebrows can be groomed and naturally thin eyebrows can be filled in to achieve a clean and full shape.

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