What Are Some Tips for Selling a Watch Online?


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Tips for selling a watch online include taking several clear, high-resolution photos that show the brand name and serial number, if available, as well as creating a description that accurately explains its condition and features. Sellers should also clean the watch before hand and obtain an official appraisal in the case of luxury watches.

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One key aspect of selling a watch online is to ensure that the posting has multiple pictures, which allows potential buyers to see its condition and verify its authenticity. The seller should carefully clean the watch prior to taking the photos, as dirt or smudges on the face give the impression that the watch is of poor quality or may contain defects. If necessary, repair any damage to it, such as replacing the watch band or adding a new face plate, as this increases the sale price because it means less work for the buyer.

As the seller writes the description, she should mention the make and model of the watch as well as its key features, which vary between brands and items. It should also honestly include any problems present, including both structural and cosmetic, as a buyer may cancel the sale if she feels that the seller hid information. It may be helpful to obtain an appraisal on the watch from a jeweler or other authority, which helps to reinforce the asking price and deter buyers from attempting to bargain down the price.

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