What Are Some Tips for Selling Gemstones?


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Some tips for selling gemstones include letting the customer know they come in a variety of colors or if they are rare. Inform customers of any treatments have been done to the gemstones. Tell a story about the gem and/or show a picture of a celebrity wearing the gem.

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When selling gemstones, know that everyone has unique taste and preferences for color and stones, so it is important to let them know that some stones come in a variety of colors. For example, Sapphire comes in many shades and colors. Determining what color is right for the customer is all about matching a gem with her personality. Red stones exude love and warmth, for instance, while blue ones emit feelings of power.

Let the customer know that gemstones are found all over the planet and each one is unique. Also, always make sure to be up front with the customer when it comes to any treatments that have been done to the gem. While many customers have no problem with treatments, some may not come back for more purchases if they feel like they've been misled. Telling a story about the history of the gem or location where the gem was found can also aid a sale.

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