What Are Tips for Repairing the Lock on a Samsonite Briefcase?

Tips for repairing the lock on a Samsonite briefcase include resetting the combination back to its original factory setting and changing it to another combination or taking the lock to an authorized repair center. Another tip is to order replacement parts for the lock online from the Samsonite Self Repair Center.

To repair a lock on a Samsonite briefcase, try resetting the combination back to its original factory setting, which is 0-0-0. To do this, locate the reset button on the lock, which is often to the side of the combination dials. Press and hold the reset button while rotating the number dials to the new combination, then release. Finally, test out the lock with the new combination to make sure it works. If it does not, repeat the process again, and if there are still no results, contact Samsonite Customer Service to be directed to an authorized Samsonite repair center.

Go to SpareParts.Samsonite.com to access the Samsonite Self Repair Center and order replacement parts for a Samsonite briefcase. Enter the briefcase's product code in the white box and click the arrow to reveal a list of available spare parts to choose from. If possible, order replacement parts here for a broken lock or an entirely new lock, if the current one is beyond repair.