What Are Some Tips for Removing Black Hair Dye?


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Some ways to remove black hair dye are using a color-removing kit, using home remedies and seeking professional help of a hair colorist. Hair color removal kits and home remedies are self-administered, but it is easy to go wrong with these two methods and cause hair damage.

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Seeing a professional colorist to help remove black dye is the safest option and also the most expensive. It is also safe, but time consuming, to grow the black dye out.

Hair color removers destroy hair dye molecules using small amounts of bleach. Excessive use of these color removers causes hair damage. A clarifying shampoo can also get black hair dye out after several washes.

Home remedies such as dish-washing liquid, lemon juice, baking soda and oil, honey or vitamin C treatments are possible cures that could lighten black hair dye. The results are, however, not guaranteed.

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