What Are Some Tips to Remove Overgrown Cuticles at Home?


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Pre-soften overgrown cuticle skin to loosen it from the nail plate, and push it back gently. Never cut off excess cuticle skin, as it could expose the underlying nail matrix to germs and infection, advises WebMD.

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To soften cuticles using the wet manicure method, soak your fingers in a bowl of warm water with added olive oil or lotion for a few minutes, suggests Shape. Alternatively, soften cuticle skin without water by massaging it with warm oil or lotion or with a cuticle remover product that contains alpha hydroxy acids, recommends Nails Magazine. Avoid using sharp objects that can cut or injure cuticles. Excess cuticle skin should come off when rubbed gently in a circular motion using an orange wood stick.

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