What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Used Manicure Tables and Pedicure Spas?


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When purchasing used manicure tables and pedicure spas, be sure to thoroughly examine the pieces to ensure they are not damaged. If the pedicure spa is attached to an adjustable chair, test the chair's range of motion to confirm that it is still fully functional. Understand the original price of the used items, and that prices differ according to the features available, to recognize the best deals.

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Refurbished or reupholstered manicure tables and pedicure spas can often look brand new. Quality refurbished equipment is available on websites or in stores that specialize in both new and used salon furniture.

New manicure tables retail between $200 and $1,000 as of January 2016. When shopping around for a used table, look for amenities like drawers, arm rests and stools on which the manicurists can sit. The inclusion of these amenities leads to a higher price for the used item but also provides a more comfortable salon experience for both staff and clients.

Pedicure spas often come attached to adjustable chairs and can cost between $600 and $1,200. Upgraded options include paraffin wax equipment. Like those of manicure tables, the prices of pedicure spas vary depending on the presence of extras and options.

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