What Are Some Tips for Packing Luggage?

What Are Some Tips for Packing Luggage?

Tips for packing a suitcase include making a packing list and setting all clothes out before putting them in a suitcase. Space-saving tips include rolling the clothes and tucking underwear inside of bras.

Create a packing list well ahead of time to ensure you bring all the essentials. Before starting the packing process, lay out all your clothes. Check that each garment matches others and should provide useful during the trip.

To save space, roll soft clothing items, and stack them inside the suitcase. This also helps prevent creasing. For delicate clothing, lay the garment flat inside of a dry cleaning bag. Fold or roll before placing it in the suitcase on top of the sturdier rolled garments.

To keep bras from becoming misshapen, stack one inside the other. Tuck underwear inside the cup, and fold the bra inward.

To protect jewelry while traveling, layer pieces between plastic wrap. If a necklace is really delicate, string the strands through straws first. For smaller earrings, tuck them into a pill case or fasten them through buttonholes.

To prevent shoes from dirtying other items, store them inside a shower cap. Tuck socks, tights, chargers or products in sturdy bottles inside to save space.

Use socks to protect clothing from breakable or destructive items. For example, pull an old sock over the bristles on a brush or over a glass fragrance bottle. Place cotton balls or pads inside pressed powder makeup to keep it from cracking.