What Are Some Tips for Matching Colors?


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Colors are best matched when they are within their own color family, such as jewel tones matched with jewel tones and pastels with pastels, states Cosmopolitan. The color wheel should also be taken into consideration so that all colors complement each other and don't clash.

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According to the color wheel, for example, reds can be paired with blues, but reds and oranges should never be paired together. When working with stand-off colors in bright shades, always have one muted color like light yellow or pink to balance out the combination. Another way to ensure a color pairs well with another color is to choose different shades of the same color. Dark blue will always pair well with a light blue, and pink and red can also work together.

If wearing bright colors with more color added isn't the best plan for a certain person's comfort zone, then the primary color rule can be used, according to College Fashion.net. Red, blue and yellow are known as the primary colors. All other colors come from a combination of these three. Primary colors can work great for a monochrome look, or using only one color paired with white or black creates a modern feel.

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