What Are Some Tips for Maintaining Sisterlocks?


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Tips for the maintenance of Sisterlocks include shampooing them gently, separating them after shampooing and getting them retightened regularly by a professional. After six months of these retightening sessions, the wearer has the option of learning how to retighten her Sisterlocks herself.

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Sisterlocks is a patented natural hair management system founded in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwall, a professor of Africana Studies. Sisterlocks differ from traditional dreadlocks in that they need to be installed by a professional loctician using a special tool. After this installation, the proper maintenance of Sisterlocks requires a professional retightening session every four to six weeks. The time period between these sessions can later be extended to six to eight or six to 10 weeks as the locks take hold. After six months, the wearer has the option of taking a retightening class offered by Sisterlocks to eliminate the need for further professional involvement.

Besides regular retightening sessions, the maintenance of Sisterlocks also calls for a specific, gentle shampooing method. This can include using a special Sisterlocks starter shampoo after the installation of the locks. Shampooing too roughly can disturb the locks and lead to loose hair around their bases, causing the hair to appear fuzzy and unkempt. In addition, it is important to completely separate Sisterlocks after shampooing, to avoid bunching locks and inconsistent growth and appearance.

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