What Are Some Tips for Maintaining Healthy Black Hair?


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Some tips to maintain healthy black hair include avoiding causing harm with harsh chemicals and treatments, moisturizing and conditioning frequently, and allowing hair to rest. Avoiding overprocessing and products that damage hair are especially important for maintaining the health of black hair. Black hair has several characteristics that make it difficult to maintain and require additional care. It is elliptical in shape, which gives it unique qualities, among which is the propensity for the hair shaft to break easily.

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Black hair also lacks the elasticity of other hair types, so it does not stretch much when wet without breaking. It also grows more slowly than other types of hair. Black hair also tends to be more porous, meaning it does not retain moisture well and thus has a tendency to become dry and brittle quite easily.

Women turn to a variety of products to remedy some of the problems but many of these products tend to do more harm than good. Many shampoos contain harsh detergents, alcohols and perfumes that cause the hair to become more dry. Relaxants use heat, harsh chemicals and creams that damage the hair structure and scalp, causing hair to become brittle, break and fall out. They also resort to coloring hair with bleaches and harmful dyes that damage hair and strip it of natural moisture. Avoiding overprocessing, heat styling and products containing alcohols, bleaches and harmful chemicals are the first steps to maintaining healthy hair.

Frequent moisturizing and conditioning are essential. Products containing natural emollients such as jojoba oil, olive oil or shea butter, and coloring methods using natural hennas are helpful in maintaining hair health. Allowing hair to rest and recover between treatments and stylings and concentrating on moisturizing and conditioning is also helpful.

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