What Are Some Tips for Looking Younger?


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Some tips for looking younger include paying special attention to hair, skin and teeth. Use simple techniques to make hair fuller, skin fresher and teeth whiter.

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To look younger style hair so that it looks fuller. Brush it with a round brush, and stroke it in the opposite direction of how it naturally falls. Mousse thickens hair and makes it stand at the roots. When blow drying hair, bend over, and dry when the head is upside down to create more volume. Hot oil treatments can rejuvenate hair and make it youthful.

Irritated, red skin looks aged, but milk has nutrients that reduce this look. Soak a cloth in cold milk, and gently place it on the face for about 10 minutes. This makes skin appear radiant, soft and young. Creamier shades of makeup will give the skin the same effect. Apply makeup carefully because the excess may cake in wrinkles and draw attention to them.

White teeth look younger, so guard against stains and yellowing. Make a homemade whitening treatment by mixing baking soda and water. Brushing with this a couple of times a month whitens and removes light stains. The choice of lipstick can make a difference. Lipsticks with gold or yellow undertones make teeth look darker, while lipsticks with blue undertones make them look whiter.

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