What Are Some Tips to Help You Look Hot?


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You can look hotter by changing your clothes, hair, makeup and body language. Keep in mind that what looks hot to one person may not appear so to someone else, but making a few changes can increase your hotness. If you have kept the same personal style for a while, getting a total makeover can significantly increase your hotness.

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According to Allure Magazine, wearing a soft perfume, making solid eye contact, expressing yourself during conversation, and reaching out and touching others when you are talking can make you hotter than ever. An easy way to raise your hotness factor is to maintain a confident attitude, so project a positive and uplifting personality everywhere you go to be attractive. Wearing clothes that fit properly refines your appearance and can make you look slimmer. Choosing clothing styles that flatter your body type is key if you want to look sleek. Use dark colors to minimize unflattering features, and use bright colors to highlight the best parts of yourself. Donning the latest trendy fashions can make you look hotter and more stylish.

If you exercise frequently and eat a balanced diet, you can maintain a healthy weight and appear hotter. Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day and wearing moisturizer regularly can help you maintain a radiant complexion. A whiter, straighter smile can also make you look hot. Women who get their hair, nails and feet pampered can seem hotter, and wearing the right amount of makeup can complement any woman’s features Some men look hot when they are well-groomed, while others capture more attention with a rugged look.

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