What Are Some Tips for Hiding an Expanding Belly?

What Are Some Tips for Hiding an Expanding Belly?

Tips for hiding an expanding belly include layering, avoiding belts, choosing darker colors and choosing clothes with drapes. Avoid wearing tight clothes, especially over the belly area.

Layering is good for hiding belly fat. Adding a modern or stylish jacket that emphasizes vertical lines works well to hide the belly. Tunics with leggings underneath also work well.

Avoid belts because they draw attention to and emphasize the belly. A good tip is to wear clothes or accessories that draw attention to other parts of the body. Statement necklaces and blouses and tops with details around the neckline and shoulders are good for drawing attention away from the belly. Details on blouses and tops may include studs, crystals, embroidery and ruffles.

Darker colors are also good for hiding an expanding belly. Black is ideal, although trying darker shades of other colors works just as well. Patterns and prints also work as long as they are not too extravagant. Clothes with drapes over the belly area are also good for disguising an expanding belly. Tops and dresses with frills also work well and offer more fashion range.

Finally, avoid clingy materials and instead opt for firmer fabrics. Pencil skirts can also be flattering. Choose mid-rise jeans that sit on the stomach, and avoid low-waist jeans, which highlight belly fat.