What Are Some Tips on Growing Long Hair?


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Some tips on growing long hair include: conditioning when shampooing, but not shampooing with each shower; applying a hair treatment weekly; and, taking supplements for hair growth, advises Cosmopolitan. Avoid a cotton pillowcase and brush the hair from the bottom up to the top, in order to prevent tangles, breakage and hair loss.

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Use conditioner when shampooing in order to replace lipids and proteins in the hair and seal the cuticle, which prevents damage and allows the hair to grow longer. Supplements that contain minerals essential for hair growth, such as biotin, are beneficial. You must avoid wrapping your hair in heavy, full-size towels, because it causes a lot of breakage, which is detrimental to hair growth. Use very thin, soft or micro-fiber towels to wrap wet hair after showering, because light-weight towels do not cause as much breakage.

Change the position and way that you wear your ponytail, so that you prevent breakage and ensure that your hair grows strong and healthy. A cold-water rinse at the end of every shower promotes long, healthy hair. This tip prevents moisture loss, breaks and heat damage. Avoid shampooing every shower, because excess shampoo can wash away essential natural oils that are required to maintain healthy hair.

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