What Are Some Tips for Growing Knee-Length Hair?

What Are Some Tips for Growing Knee-Length Hair?

Tips for growing knee-length hair include properly caring for hair and eating foods that encourage strong, healthy hair. Getting trims and avoiding damage to hair also help locks to grow long and beautiful.

Proper hair care includes shampooing, conditioning and brushing correctly. Use shampoo two to three times a week to prevent the loss of restorative natural oils. Follow each shampoo with conditioner to nourish hair and seal cuticles for soft, strong hair that can grow more easily. Apply a weekly hair mask or oil treatment to ensure the entire length of hair is healthy and protected from damage that can shorten it.

Brushing hair is essential to distribute the hair's oils. Brush hair with a boar-bristle brush at night to coat each strand with its natural oils. Increased brushing also helps to stimulate the scalp, which is imperative for hair growth. De-tangle the ends of wet hair first, and then work in sections up the shaft to prevent length-busting breakage.

Use care with heat styling to prevent damage and encourage hair to grow. Avoid putting ponytails and clips in the same place repeatedly to avoid weakening the hair in that location. Switch to a silk pillowcase to care for hair during the night by discouraging tangles and knots.

Regular trims stop split ends and damage to older hair that leads to breakage and decreased length. A trim of less than 1/4 of an inch every three months is enough to combat split ends.This process keeps hair healthy enough to maintain its length as it grows.

Eat a good diet that is balanced and free from regular cleanses. Hair needs vitamins and protein from food to grow long and healthy. Add a vitamin that includes vitamin C and a wide range of B vitamins to encourage hair growth.