What Are Some Tips for Growing a Beard Fast?

What Are Some Tips for Growing a Beard Fast?

Good alimentation and grooming habits are important steps to growing a beard fast. Proper health and hygiene influences healthier hair growth.

Beards begin to grow during puberty and are fueled by dihydrotestosterone, a hormone related to testosterone that continues to function even after puberty to promote hair growth. Biologists, including Charles Darwin, characterize the beard as a secondary sexual characteristic because it is primarily isolated to one gender and plays no role in reproduction. However, anthropologists and others who study ancient man suggest that beards were a sign of virility in males, and were seen as a sign of good health.

Since beard growth is determined by genes, there is little that can be done safely to promote fast growth. However, alimentation and grooming are two very important steps that will aid in hair growth and health. A regimen of alimentation involves:

  • Nourishment: ensuring proper hormone levels
  • Nutrition: caring for the entire body system
  • Maintenance: grooming

Hair is a form of protein and proper nutrition levels help it grow. Additionally, the body grows various chemicals such as biotin that promote the growth of hair and nails; maintaining hormone levels will ensure appropriate hair production. Lastly, strong and healthy hair requires regular maintenance to remove dead strands and follicles, split ends and damaged hair.