What Are Some Tips for Getting Rid of Static Hair?

To get rid of static in hair, make sure that the hair is conditioned properly. Another way to remove static from hair is to smooth the hair down with a dryer sheet. Using hair spray also reduces static charge in the hair.

Hair that contains more moisture produces less static and prevents static from building up in the hair. The best ways to add moisture to the hair are to use conditioner, hair oil or leave-in moisturizers. Conditioning products should be used on the ends of the hair to prevent them from causing greasiness or weighing the hair down. Applying hair oil to the ends of the hair before blow drying also works well to keep the hair moisturized. To boost the static repelling effects, place a few drops of oil on the fingers and run them through the hair after it is dry.

Using dyer sheets when drying hats, blankets and clothing prevents static electricity from charging the hair. Pinning a dryer sheet inside a winter hat and placing one inside a pillowcase also prevent electric charge from transferring to the hair. Dryer sheets can also be used to wipe down combs, brushes and hair accessories to prevent static transfer. Lining the drawer where brushes are stored helps to prevent static from forming on the bristles of the brushes.