What Are Some Tips for Getting Rid of the Little Bumps on Your Face?


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To treat little bumps on your face, commonly caused by clogged pores, stop using products that may be clogging the pores, always thoroughly wash off makeup or sunscreen, moisturize your face when it is dry, and try various treatments to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, says Epic Beauty Guide. This helps in ridding the face of clogged pores and preventing future ones. Such treatment should begin to work in three or four weeks.

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The moisturizers, makeup, soap or any other products you are using on your face may be responsible for the clogged pores that lead to bumps, states Epic Beauty. Finding out what product may be responsible involves a trial-and-error process of ceasing the use of one specific product at a time. When beginning to use new products, check the ingredients to ensure that they are not similar to ingredients in other products that may have caused clogged pores in the past.

To further prevent clogged pores, remove any waterproof makeup or sunscreen on a nightly basis, using the proper products, explains Epic Beauty Guide. If left on the skin for too long, the residue from these products may be what is causing the clogged pores. If these preventive measures are not completely effective, choose from a variety of treatment options, such as exfoliating treatments and cleaners, after consulting a dermatologist

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