What Are Some Tips for Getting the Best Face Wash for Dry Skin?


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When choosing the best face wash for dry skin, it is optimal to find a gentle cleanser with added moisturizers and to look for soap-free cleansers that consist of milder ingredients. Avoid cleansers that do contain chemicals or perfumes that can further irritate the skin.

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What Are Some Tips for Getting the Best Face Wash for Dry Skin?
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Harsh detergents in face soap can get rid of the skin's own natural moisturizing oils, leading to dryness, inflammation and irritation. Soap-free cleansers help to cleanse the skin much like soap does, but they have milder ingredients that will not remove the skin's oils. Dry skin is often influenced by internal factors including age, genetics and certain health issues.

Individuals with dry skin should use a gentle cleanser at night and wash the skin gently without scrubbing it to avoid further irritation. An adequate facial cleanser is one that leaves skin feeling smoother and softer after being cleansed. For skin that feels too irritated, dry or tight after cleansing, it is best to try a different product that has milder ingredients. Most people with dry skin should avoid cleansers that contain alcohol as well as antibacterial soaps, which can dry the skin. Other potential cleansers to avoid are ones with exfoliants such as glycolic acid.

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