What Are Some Tips for Getting Affordable Spa Treatments?


Tips for affordable spa treatments include bundling several treatments, signing up for newsletters, going during off-peak times, and finding specials online through sites like Groupon, Living Social or Spa Addicts. Some spas also offer loyalty discounts or referral rewards for repeat customers.

Spas often have packages with services such as a massage, facial and pedicure combined for a discounted price. This offers the perk of getting several treatments done with a discount over the individual prices for the services. Signing up for a spa's newsletter or email list is a simple way to hear about special promotions such as a holiday discount or a reduced price for an unbooked time slot.

For customers who aren't loyal to a specific salon, taking advantage of online discount sites is a way to get a big discount on spa services, but the options are limited to only the spas who currently have deals on the sites.