What Are Some Tips for Following Hair Color Instructions?


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Before attempting to use a home hair color kit, read the instructions thoroughly, noting how the hair color is mixed, whether or not the color requires an allergy test prior to application, how long to leave the color on the hair and how to rinse it off. Take note of differences in application procedures and processing times for hair that is gray or has been previously colored.

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Before selecting a hair color, identify the hair's natural color. The natural color of the hair determines the end result, and some hair colors are not recommended for certain hair shades. For example, shades of light blond won't work on very dark hair. Lightening naturally dark hair by more than three shades requires a more complicated approach best left to a professional. If possible, try on a wig in the desired hair color shade to determine whether or not the color is flattering to the skin tone.

Buy an extra box of hair color, especially for long or thick hair. Using too little hair color results in blotchy, uneven color. It is better to have too much color than not enough. Follow the instructions for application closely, noting which part of the hair is colored first and how long the color is left on. Never leave hair color on for longer than the prescribed time. This results in darker color and more potential chemical damage to the hair.

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