What Are Some Tips for Doing Your Hair at Home?


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One tip for doing your hair at home is not to dye your hair any more than two shades darker or lighter than it already is. Some others are to only apply colorant to unwashed hair and to use brushes and plastic bowls instead of the applicator included in most at-home hair coloring kits.

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Stylists say that since home hair color kits are premixed and the levels of chemicals such as peroxide cannot be adjusted, it is not a good idea to go very far beyond your natural shade when coloring at home. If you plan to go dramatically darker or lighter, it is usually best to let a stylist customize a shade for you in the salon. Chemicals in hair dyes can be especially harsh on the scalp when hair is clean, so it is best to skip the shampoo for a day or two prior to coloring. The applicator tips that come with store-bought hair coloring products usually don't work that well to cover the hair evenly. Spending a few dollars on a plastic tray and a brush from a beauty supply store helps you to achieve more professional-looking results.

Some tips for cutting hair at home include using high-quality hair cutting scissors that have not been used for any other purpose and to stick to basic haircuts. Unless you are very experienced, more drastic styles are usually best left to the experts.

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