What Are Some Tips for Designing Your Own Hoodie?

What Are Some Tips for Designing Your Own Hoodie?

Tips for designing a hoodie include researching designs, sketching frequently and choosing the right placement for the design. Designers who are creating the hoodie themselves, instead of using a custom hoodie company, should choose a fabric that fits their needs.

Research helps the designer find ideas for a hoodie, whether or not he already has a design in mind. If he doesn't have an idea yet, he should look at clothing and art websites for inspiration. It often helps to look at clothing designs from different parts of the world, as each area has its own unique style. If he has an idea, he should look at as many images related to that idea as possible.

Sketching helps the designer find and develop his own style. By sketching frequently, he is also able to try many design ideas until finding one he likes. Once he finds a design, he adjusts it as necessary.

Placement options include the front or back of the hoodie or on the hood. On-the-hood designs must be small enough to fit, while the front and back of a hoodie accommodates larger designs.

Sweatshirt fleeces is a common fabric for hoodies. Hoodie fabric should feel soft and stretch enough to fit comfortably. One way to find the right fabric is to order a small swatch of fabric to see how it feels and stretches before ordering the entire amount.