What Are Some Tips for Crocheting a Sashay Yarn Scarf?


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Sashay yarn is already partially knitted, so using the material to make a ruffle scarf simply requires crocheting along the top edge. The project is rated as ideal for beginners.

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Making a ruffle crochet scarf from Sashay yard only requires one ball of the yarn and a crochet hook. The first step in the project is laying the yarn flat to identify the top and bottom edges. The bottom edge has a metallic edge. All the crocheting takes place at the top edge, using the loops at the top to form the stitches.

The first step is hiding the tail of the Sashay yarn. To do this, fold the end of the yarn in. Run a 5-millimeter crochet hook through the first nine loops at the top of the yarn, gathering from both sides of the doubled-up yarn. Skip a loop, and then hook the next loop over. Pull this loop through all those on the hook to complete the first stitch.

Creating the body of the scarf entails following this pattern through to the end of the ball without doubling up. To finish the scarf and hide the end, double up the yarn again. Repeat the procedure of going through nine loops through both sections, skipping one, and using the next loop to create the stitch. Knot the end and trim it to create a finished scarf.

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