What Are Some Tips for Creating a Natural-Looking Hair Part If You Have a Weave?


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To create a natural looking hair part for weaves, make a part in the middle or on the side of your head and braid your hair towards the back to create vertical cornrows. Sew in the weave until you get to the area where there should be a part. Apply a thin layer of weaving glue on the area close to the part, and stick the remaining hair extensions.

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It is advisable to wash and blow dry hair before braiding it, as the skin on the part is visible and it should be neat and clean. If you want the natural-looking part to be in the middle, make sure that it is as close to the center as possible. You can also create a neat straight or slanting line towards the side.

After braiding your hair towards the back, thread a weaving needle and sew the weave onto the cornrows using a basic sewing method. When you get to the part line, apply some holding gel and spray with holding spray to protect the part of the hair that is showing from the weaving glue. Apply a thin layer of glue, and lay the hair extension pieces neatly and close to each other.

Do this on both sides of the part, and ensure that the part itself remains visible. This makes it look like your hair is growing out of your scalp. You can roll a piece of the hair extension and stick it where the part line ends to create a closure.

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