What Are Some Tips for Correctly Measuring a Man's Suit Size?


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Tips for measuring men’s suits include measuring the suit jacket, determining the height, measuring the waist, inseam and seat, and calculating the sleeve length. Measuring one's suit size before suit shopping makes it easier to compare fits and sizes of men’s suits.

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What Are Some Tips for Correctly Measuring a Man's Suit Size?
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Measuring the suit jacket involves measuring across the chest and under the arms. The person being measured should not hold his breath. Measuring the person’s height and factoring in the chest measurements determines whether the suit is long, medium or short.

The best way to measure the waist size for the suit pants is to run a tape measure around the torso and across the belly button. Sticking a few fingers between the body and measuring tape helps to get the right fit and provide breathing room while seated.

A good way to get the inseam measurement is to measure from the crotch to the bottom of the shoe. The person should be standing straight with legs apart and wearing a pair of fitted pants to get the best result.

Measuring the seat involves running a tape measure around the widest part of the buttocks. Fitting two fingers between the body and the tape helps to get a good measurement.

Most suit jackets are made according to height and chest width. To calculate sleeve length, the tape measure should run from the shoulder seam to 2 inches below the wrist.

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