What Are Some Tips for Coloring Your Hair at Home?


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When coloring hair at home, the color change should stay within two shades of the current tone. Semi-permanent color is a good choice for people who are not ready to commit to a color or are unsure about the chosen color.

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What Are Some Tips for Coloring Your Hair at Home?
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The websites of hair color companies provide color guides to help in choosing a color. If the chosen color is very different from the natural color, a stylist should color the hair the first time to ensure the change does not damage the hair too much. Women who have never used at-home color can test the colorby practicing application using conditioner and coloring gloves. When applying highlights, clipping quarter-inch sections along both sides of the part and starting the highlights below the sections helps hide any spottiness.

Wearing a smock or an old t-shirt and having an old towel handy helps keep stains and spills to a minimum. Using petroleum jelly or a rich moisturizer along the hairline creates a barrier between the hair and skin. Dousing a cotton ball or washcloth with a hair color stain remover and swiping it over the stained area removes any hair color stains on the skin. Hair color is best applied to unwashed hair so the natural hair oils protect the scalp from chemical burns. Reading the directions on the box carefully and buying paintbrushes and bowls from a beauty supply store help ensure an easy application process.

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