What Are Some Tips to Get Clear Skin?


Using natural remedies and over-the-counter treatments is the most effective way to get clear, radiant skin. Any treatment method must be used on a regular basis to be most effective.

According to Allure Magazine, the simplest way to get clear skin is to keep a clean face. Many dermatologists recommend washing the face at least twice a day, or three times a day if skin is particularly oily. Acne, clogged pores and dry skin build-up are reduced when skin is kept clean and free of debris. A benzoyl peroxide treatment can be used to treat pimples and reduce swelling on the skin. Using a gentle exfoliant at least once a week is helpful for removing dead skin cells from the face and unclogging pores. Women should ensure they remove all their makeup each night to obtain clearer skin. Additionally, they should wear hairstyles that keep hair off of the face to avoid transference of chemicals and oils onto the skin that cause breakouts, suggests Seventeen.

Wearing sunblock outdoors prevents sun damage, age spots and other unsightly skin discolorations. Washing the hands before touching the face is necessary to avoid irritating the skin and putting bacteria on the face. Chemical peels can be used to combat acne and scars, and laser skin resurfacing helps even skin tone. Visiting a dermatologist is extremely helpful to receive personalized advice on how to treat skin to obtain a clear complexion.