What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color?


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The shade of Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color you should choose depends on your purpose for coloring your hair. To cover gray hair, choose the shade closest to your natural hair color. To change your hair color, choose a shade that's darker than your natural color, as Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color contains no peroxide and therefore cannot lighten hair.

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Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color is a type of hair color rinse. Rinses are not permanent and typically wash out after one shampoo. A hair rinse differs from permanent dye in that it does not penetrate the hair shaft; it only stains the surface of the hair.

The product comes in seven different shades. If you can't find a shade similar to or darker than your natural hair color, you can blend one or more existing shades. Since the product washes out after one shampoo, there is a lower risk in experimenting with blended or drastic shades than there is with permanent hair dye.

Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color is also gentler on the hair than permanent hair dyes, so you can use it more frequently. The product does not require mixing -- unless you blend two shades together -- and is applied to damp hair before styling.

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