What Are Some Tips for Buying Waterproof Wristbands?


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To reduce the chance of slipping, buy a waterproof wristband that fits your wrist size, or purchase a one-size-fits-all option. Many modern wristbands come with additional features, such as fitness trackers that help users mark their fitness progress.

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Power Balance and other waterproof wristbands are designed to withstand all types of moisture damage, including sweat, making them ideal for regular wear during fitness activities. Wristband sizes aren't typically arranged according to gender, so anybody can wear one based on measurements. Extra-small wristbands are 6.3 inches around, small wristbands are 6.9 inches around, medium wristbands are 7.5 inches around, and large wristbands are 8.1 inches around.

After choosing a size, decide on the color. Wristbands are typically available in neutral tones, such as black and white, and in vibrant colors, such as hot pink, bright orange and neon green. Some wristbands feature logos of sports teams, so consider wearing one to display your support; the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat are two teams in the Power Balance NBA line of wristbands. Additionally, choose between two primary wristband materials, silicone and neoprene, when deciding on the type of wristband you want. Both of these materials are highly durable and designed to resist water wear.

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