What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Coach Purses on EBay?

When buying a Coach purse on eBay, buyers should beware of counterfeit purses. Factors that should raise a red flag include shoddy stitching and scratched hardware. Buyers should also be wary of sellers who are selling hundreds of the same design.

Coach products are very high-quality, so a bag won't have scratched hardware or chipped fabric. Most Coach bags are made from real leather. Coach and other high-end designers don't make hundreds of thousands of the same bag, so a seller on eBay with a large quantity of the same design is likely a counterfeiter.

Buyers should also look closely at the stitching. Coach's stitches are small, tight, even and close together. Many Coach purses also have the company's signature letter C as part of the design. Some counterfeit bags use this design, but, if examined, the C is misshaped or looks more like a G.

All Coach bags, regardless of the year they were made, have a serial number. It may be all numbers or a combination of letters and numbers. Bags without a serial number are fraudulent. The buyer should also be realistic about the price. If an eBay seller has a bag listed at a huge discount, it's likely counterfeit. Know the retail price of the bag first before looking on eBay for a used version.