What Are Some Tips for Buying Tiffany Jewelry on Sale?

Customers should always look for Tiffany jewelry through a reputable seller. Be aware that there are no discount Tiffany retailers, notes ABC News. Only Tiffany stores and the retailer's website sell new Tiffany jewelry.

Customers can find used Tiffany jewelry through sellers with good reviews and history or established jewelry and antique stores. This retailer has been producing high-quality diamond and gold jewelry since the 1830s, notes Tiffany. There is an entire field of quality antique jewelry in which to shop.

Be aware that many online listings may be fakes. Listings are also frequently overpriced by sellers looking to make a profit. Do research on any potential purchase to find out its true value and learn how to tell it is authentic. Some things that sellers may exaggerate include the stone's carat weight and the quality of the jewelry, states ABC News.

Before purchasing used Tiffany jewelry find out about the seller's refund policy. Consider paying for the item with a credit card or PayPal. Both of these payment methods allow customers to freeze or charge back a payment if they have a disputed transaction.

Customers may also want to get an appraisal of the item completed by a third party, especially if it an expensive piece.