What Are Some Tips for Buying and Selling Jewelry?


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One tip for buying jewelry is for the buyer to avoid prestige jeweler names whenever possible. The name of a popular jeweler on silver jewelry may cause the price to skyrocket, even though the buyer could purchase an equivalent piece of jewelry elsewhere for far cheaper. One tip for selling jewelry is to stage photos of it on a contrasting and solid backdrop. This omits visual clutter and draws the buyer's eye to the jewelry itself.

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Another tip for buying jewelry is to pay attention to both what is trending and the value of the material itself. When gold prices are running overly high, it is a good time to buy silver, both because it is more economical and because enough people purchasing it makes the product appear fashionable and trendy. Buyers should look for sterling silver products, as they are at least 92.5 percent real silver.

Sell jewelry better by taking multiple pictures that highlight the different angles of the product. This helps prospective buyers appreciate the different textures and colors of the product and allows the seller to better feature particular signatures, dates or other important details. The seller should take these pictures in indirect sunlight or beneath another light source that does not cause shadows and distortions on the images taken.

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