What Are Some Tips for Buying a Personalized Jacket?

What Are Some Tips for Buying a Personalized Jacket?

If the jacket is a windbreaker or fleece jacket that features a custom design, choose a logo and custom text that fit on the jacket. The manufacturer may have design templates and clipart-style images that speed up the design process.

A custom letterman or varsity jacket may be cheaper to buy online than from a store, as online retailers have fewer overhead costs to pay. A varsity jacket should incorporate genuine leather sleeves and a wool body.

When purchasing a bespoke suit jacket or sport coat, look at a tailor's previous work. Each tailor has his own style, and some leave extra cloth in the jacket to accommodate future weight changes.

A personalized jacket or suit may be bespoke, which is cut and tailored to your exact measurements, or made to measure, which is cut from a pattern and altered to fit you. As bespoke jackets require the most work, they are the most expensive option.

When buying a suit jacket, make sure that the jacket is to be sewn together rather than glued; glued jackets fall apart over time. A skilled tailor should notice any posture and symmetry issues that you have, and be able to alter the jacket's design to reduce their appearance.