What Are Some Tips for Buying Discounted Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags?


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Some tips for buying an authentic discounted Louis Vuitton bag are purchasing bags from authorized sellers, not expecting deep discounts and becoming familiar with the characteristics of genuine bags. Louis Vuitton bag styles remain relatively unchanged over time, and the bags do not follow seasonal pricing trends of other brands. Louis Vuitton bags do not go on sale, and the company does not have sample sales.

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There are no factory outlets, overstocks, clearance sales or close-outs, and Louis Vuitton does not allow street vendors to sell authentic bags. Buyers should beware of sellers offering deeply discounted Louis Vuitton bags and buy only from trusted sellers or from a Louis Vuitton store. A bag bought from an authorized reseller may cost more, but the buyer may appreciate the security in knowing it is authentic.

Discounted bags are sometimes available through individual sellers and high-end, secondhand shops, but buyers should approach these with caution. Resale shops also fall victim to fraud and may unknowingly put a counterfeit bag up for sale. Some indicators to look for in authentic bags include the date stamp behind the inner pocket. Date codes follow specific patterns after 1981. All hardware bears the stamp of the company name, regardless of its size. Other hardware should have the “LV” insignia stamped or embossed in fine detail.

The stitching on a genuine Louis Vuitton bag is meticulous and should contain at least seven or eight stitches per inch. The stitching is also uniformly spaced, properly aligned and sewn with mustard-yellow colored thread. Counterfeit bags tend to use fewer stitches per inch, less attention to stitching and bright yellow thread.

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