What Are Some Tips for Brazilian Wax Aftercare?

What Are Some Tips for Brazilian Wax Aftercare?

The four key elements to effective Brazilian wax aftercare are avoidance of tight or restrictive clothing, moisturizing the waxed areas, tweezing or touch-up care and exfoliation. The final two steps to effective aftercare should be delayed until pain and sensitivity are gone.

Wearing loose, cotton undergarments and clothing to a waxing appointment is a key first step to caring for a Brazilian wax. This keeps clothing from chafing sensitive areas and causing additional irritation.

Because the skin around the waxed area is fresh and sensitive after a Brazilian wax, moisturizing helps prevent irritation and redness and keeps skin soft. Baby lotion is a good option as it is formulated especially for sensitive new skin. However, do not use lotion or any other products until at least a day after the procedure.

Even the most highly trained beautician may miss a spot or two, so touch-up tweezing may be necessary after any pain or sensitivity has gone. Shaving stray hairs is also a viable option.

Several days after a waxing, exfoliating the area helps to keep the skin soft. Continue exfoliating every three days. Additionally, avoid sunbathing, tanning, pools, hot tubs and saunas for at least 24 hours to lessen the chance of infection.