What Are Some Tips for Bleaching Your Hair at Home?


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Before bleaching your hair at home, identify a realistic color goal by evaluating its current state. Prepare your hair with a conditioner to strengthen it against potential damage. For an effective bleaching product, choose a bleach with a developer. After bleaching, maintain hair health with a continued conditioning routine.

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Hair bleach typically appears as a concentrated solution or in box sets. If choosing a concentrated solution, also use a developer for a quick color change. Darker hair, as well as hair that has been colored previously, typically produces a different color result than color packaging suggests. For the lightest result in these cases, expect to process your hair more than once. Wait a few weeks between each treatment.

To protect your hair against damage, begin a deep conditioning routine two weeks before bleaching, advises Refinery29. After treatment, support the new color by regularly conditioning the hair.

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