What Are Some Tips for Asian Skin Care?


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Witch hazel, sunscreen, tissue masks, mint and coffee beans are staples in the care of sensitive Asian skin. Many Asians often use traditional Japanese, Chinese and Indian skin treatments and products.

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What Are Some Tips for Asian Skin Care?
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Witch hazel can be used as a toner to soothe easily irritated skin. Applying witch hazel after cleaning the face or after a shower calms the skin and prevents redness, according to Renee Jacques of the Huffington Post. Sunscreen is a mandatory skin care item for everyone, but it is especially important due to Asian skin being prone to hyper-pigmentation. Sunscreen should be used every day, even when the sun is not visible, to prevent dryness, burning, sun spots and freckles.

Tissue masks also are popular in Asian skin care, reports the Huffington Post. The masks are applied to the face to moisturize the skin with a hydrating effect that lasts for hours to days. Mint is a traditional Asian treatment used to lighten acne spots or sun spots. Mint leaves are ground into a paste and left on the face for at least 15 minutes daily to lighten hyper-pigmentation.

The anti-inflammatory and skin-tightening properties found in coffee beans make used coffee grounds a natural exfoliant. It is also believed that the caffeine in the coffee beans boosts collagen production.

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