How Do You Tint Your Eyebrows Using an Eyebrow Dye Kit?

How Do You Tint Your Eyebrows Using an Eyebrow Dye Kit?

Use an eyebrow dye kit to tint your eyebrows by mixing the color, applying it with a mascara wand, allowing the color to take hold and rinsing it off with water and a cleanser. Tinting lasts for four to eight weeks until the color gradually fades away.

  1. Gather the supplies

    Buy an eyebrow dye kit. Gather a headband or scarf, disposable mascara wands, toothpicks, petroleum jelly and disposable gloves. Perform a patch test two days prior to tinting the eyebrows.

  2. Prepare for the procedure

    Wear a headband or a scarf to push hair away from the face. Soak cotton pads with lukewarm water. Clean the eyebrows with the pads. Apply petroleum jelly to the skin around the eyebrows. Put on disposable gloves.

  3. Apply color

    Mix the color according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Dip a mascara wand into the color. Apply color evenly to the eyebrows with the wand. Use a toothpick to apply color close to the roots.

  4. Allow color to take hold

    Leave the product on according to the product directions. Check the color every couple of minutes until the eyebrows are of desired color.

  5. Remove color

    Rinse the eyebrows with a gentle cleanser and water. Wash off residual product thoroughly.