How do you tighten neck skin?


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The two main ways to combat loose neck skin are targeted neck exercises or scheduling plastic surgery. The skin under the chin becomes loose due to a loss of collagen as a person ages, excess fat and a lack of muscle tone in the neck. Loose neck skin can feel uncomfortable and cause a person to become self-conscious, especially if photographs do not look good because of the neck area.

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It is difficult to target fat burning in the neck area, so anyone with loose neck skin needs to focus on tightening the muscles within the neck. The best way to do this is to engage in muscle tightening exercises that involve using the mouth to cause tension on the neck muscles. Lifting the head back, keeping the mouth closed and making chewing motions helps to work the muscles in the neck. In time, the muscles will tighten and help to alleviate the look of loose skin.

If neck exercises do not work, the other option is to schedule plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon can make small incisions near the ear and use liposuction to remove excess fat. For people with extremely loose skin, a surgeon may need to combine liposuction with a neck lift in order to regain a natural appearance.

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