How Do You Tighten Loose Skin on the Neck Area?


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Ways of tightening loose skin on the neck area include hydrating skin to reduce sagging and wrinkling, and maintaining a lean body mass, according to Fox News. Exercises such as looking up while in an upright sitting or standing position, using a chewing motion, also assist in strengthening the neck area.

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Sagging skin on the neck increases with age. Facial fillers and facial botox makes loose skin on the neck stand out, states Fox News. Factors that contribute to neck sagging include weight gain and genetics. Underlying lax muscle also increases loose skin on the neck. A neck lift alone or together with a facelift is a potential long-lasting fix. Liposuction streamlines the neck, especially in youthful people with elastic skin that bounces back fast after surgery.

Botox injections on the neck make loose skin on the neck appear less conspicuous. However, this only lasts for three to four months, says The New York Times. An ulthera procedure lifts loose neck skin through the use of focused ultrasound. This procedure spurs collagen growth. A single treatment improves the contours of loose skin under the chin in 40- to 50-year-old patients.

The ulthera procedure enables doctors to deposit energy to an exact depth under the skin surface without influencing the intervening tissue, according to The New York Times. Studies are yet to establish the quantity of tightening that ulthera procedure accomplishes.

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