How Do You Tie a Square Scarf?

How Do You Tie a Square Scarf?

One way to tie a square scarf is to bias band fold the scarf, then make two loops before pulling one end into a bow shape. While there are many ways to tie a square scarf, this style, called the butterfly wrap, goes well with many outfits.

  1. Make a bias band fold

    Lay the scarf out on a flat surface with the wrong side up. Fold one corner of the scarf so that the point lays in the center of the scarf. Fold the opposite corner so that it touches the folded-down edge from the first fold. Now, you should have two folded edges and two points. Fold one of the edges towards the center of the scarf. Fold the other to the opposite edge.

  2. Drape the scarf

    Put the scarf around your neck so that one-third of it is to your right and two-thirds of it sits to your left.

  3. Make first loop

    Cross the longer section of scarf to the right, over the smaller section of scarf. Pull the longer section under and through the neck loop, pulling it up from beneath your chin. The longer section should still lay to the right.

  4. Make a second loop

    Wrap the longer section of scarf around the smaller section by going under from right to left and over from left to right. Before completing that motion, tuck the longer section of scarf going from left to right between the smaller section of scarf and the loop formed when the longer section of scarf wrapped under the smaller section. Pull the longer section of the loop and the smaller section of loop tight so that the end of the longer section is trapped under the knot, with the rest of it forms a fan-like butterfly shape.