How Do You Tie a Shirt on the Side?

The process of tying a shirt is somewhat similar to the process of tying a balloon. Simply pull the shirt tight, wrap the fabric around two fingers, then make a knot. The whole process of tying a shirt on the side can be completed in just a few seconds.

  1. Pull on the shirt

    Put on the shirt that you want to tie on the side. The shirt should have a little extra fabric around the waist to allow you to have enough room to pull out on it and tie it. Pull tight to get as much fabric in your hand as possible.

  2. Wrap the fabric

    Wrap the fabric around your index and middle fingers. Twist it a couple times or until it is tight around your fingers. This allows you to have a tight grip of the fabric as you complete the tying process.

  3. Loop the fabric

    Create a loop with the fabric, then pull the end of the fabric through the middle of the loop. Depending on how much fabric you have in your hand, there may not be a lot of room to pull the fabric through. Push the fabric through as much as you can before attempting to pull.