How Do You Tie a Shemagh?

Tying a shemagh involves folding a square piece of material so that it covers the head. This wrap is similar to a scarf and can help protect those in arid regions from dirt or sand as well as sun exposure.

The material for the shemagh should be approximately 42 inches by 42 inches. Begin by holding the material as an unfolded square. Next, fold the material in half so that it resembles a triangle with a wide bottom. Next, select an area approximately three-quarters of the way across the folded edge, and hold it against the forehead as if preparing to tie a traditional bandanna. The sides should look uneven; the material on the right side of the face should appear much longer than that on the left side.

Next, take the shorter side and tuck it under the chin, going towards the back of the head. While still holding that shorter side, use the other hand to pull the long side across the face. Then, wrap the long side over the head towards the end on the opposing side. Use two overhand knots to tie both ends together. The shemagh is now fully tied. Make any adjustments necessary for either appearance or comfort.