How Do You Tie a Scarf Around Your Neck?

To tie a scarf a round your neck, lay out the scarf in a diamond shape, and fold the side corners to meet in the middle of the scarf. Fold the sides again, drape the scarf around your neck, form a loop and tie a knot.

  1. Fold the scarf

    Spread the scarf on a flat surface, and rotate the scarf into a diamond shape. Lift the side corners, and bring them over to meet in the middle of the scarf. Fold the sides again so the folds meet in the center. For a wide scarf, slim it by folding its length in half.

  2. Put the scarf on your neck

    Place the scarf around your neck with the folds inside, and bring the ends to hang in the front. Adjust the scarf so the left end hangs slightly higher than right end.

  3. Tie a knot

    Rotate the right end over the left end, run the right end through the loop created around your neck to form a single knot, and then pull the ends taut around your neck. Put your finger beneath the single knot, tie another singe knot, and smooth the knot. Pull the ends to the sides, lift them to the back of the neck, and tie a knot.