How Do You Tie a Sailor Neckerchief?

To tie a sailor neckerchief, fold the fabric diagonally, start rolling from the bottom point, and continue rolling until the whole scarf is rolled. Drape the neckerchief around the neck, tie a square knot, and adjust the knot so that the ends are even.

  1. Make the first fold

    Hold the neckerchief at the top two corners. Make sure the stencil is correct, meaning it is right side up and facing out. Fold the material corner to corner to form a triangle with the seams on the inside.

  2. Start rolling

    Keeping the fabric taut, place the pointer and middle finger of your left hand on the point of the triangle. Place your thumb underneath, and roll the fabric over toward the top. Keep the point pinched.

  3. Continue rolling

    Carefully replace your left hand fingers with your right fingers in the same position. Roll again. Replace the right fingers with the left, and roll again.

  4. Finish rolling

    Remove your left hand fingers. Take hold of the roll, and continue rolling it toward the center. Continue rolling until you reach the long edge.

  5. Drape the neckerchief

    Drape the rolled neckerchief around your neck so that the right side hangs approximately four fingers' width longer than the left side.

  6. Make the first knot

    Cross the long end over the short to create a V. Pull the long end up and over into a knot. Draw it to the left.

  7. Make the second knot

    Cross the long end over the short again. Draw the long end up and through the loop that forms under the first knot.

  8. Adjust the square knot

    Pull the second knot tight, and adjust it so that it makes a square. The two tails should be of equal length.