How Do You Tie a Pratt Knot?

To tie a Pratt knot, stand in front of a mirror, and drape the tie around your neck with the bottom of the tie facing up and the wide end hanging just past your belt. Then, tie and tighten the knot. This process takes about three minutes and requires a necktie and a mirror.

  1. Position the tie

    Drape the tie around your neck, and position the ends so that the wide end is hanging down just past your belt. Turn the tie so that the bottom side is on top.

  2. Tie the knot

    Cross the ends of the tie over each other with the skinny end on the top. Drape the wide end over and behind the skinny end. Pull the wide end down to tighten the loop. Wrap the wide end around the skinny end, and pull it up behind the loop.

  3. Tighten the knot

    Pull the wide end of the tie through the knot. Pull down on the wide end to tighten the knot. You may need to pull on either end of the tie to straighten the knot. The knot should be straight and tight with the top touching your collar. The tip of the wide end of the tie should just touch your belt.